Relaxing at the Pond

I spent some time at our pond today, just getting my head on straight.  Of course, what I call a pond might not meet everyone’s definition.  And what I think of as relaxing would would also not be viewed as such by most.

Our pond is more like a puddle, really.  There are no fish in it, and it does dry out completely some years.  The water is really shallow.  But it is great for frogs and bugs and other things I like.


Take the flies, for example.  Today there were large swarms of flies–chironomids, most likely, performing some kind of lek dance.  Most people get a little upset with swarms of flies, but these did not bite or interfere with me in any way, so I sat back and enjoyed them.

Chorus frogs were singing loudly, and another frog had a low-pitched growl.  I checked a frog-song web site to refresh my memory–I think they were northern leopard frogs, but they really had not started their loud song yet.  Soon we will have the American toads and gray tree frogs singing as well.

I noticed some snails on the floating vegetation.  Aquatic snails sampling however briefly the world out of water.



These are Physia snails.


I think this is Stagnicola elodes.  The pond contains at least one additional species of aquatic snail, a ramshorn snail that I did not examine closely.  These aquatic snails live in a habitat that completely dries up.   Yet we call them aquatic and not terrestrial.





About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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