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Mob Rule

Yesterday I saw some ants on a gravel road.  I don’t know the species but I am guessing Formica obscuripes.  As near as I can tell a number of workers are holding down and killing another worker of the same … Continue reading

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Today’s Bugs

There was a lot of insect activity today.  Loads of butterflies, although nothing I haven’t already seen for the year.  Lots of odonates, also.  But along with the “good” bugs were a bunch I wasn’t so fond of.  Mosquitoes and … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day

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Butterflies from Unusual Perspectives

We have had some hot, humid and stormy weather lately–weather that is great for butterflies.  Tonight after work I chased the butterflies for a little bit and ended up with a couple of photos from unusual perspectives. We had a … Continue reading

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Syritta pipiens

To celebrate the end of pollinator week, here is a photo of a small syrphid fly, Syritta pipiens. Just another pollinator.

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A Swarm of Something

A swarm of some small insect–probably some small fly–formed a temporary lek in the sunlight. I am only an observer.  I have no observations beyond what you see.  Nor can I explain why I took the photo or posted it.

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Spend a warm summer day on a slow river or along a gravel road in Iowa and you will likely see little tufts of cottony threads floating through the air. These carry the tiny seeds of cottonwood trees.  Cottonwood trees … Continue reading

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Flies are Pollinators, too

This is national pollinator week.  Insects are getting some long-overdue conservation attention. I wish I could tell you what this is.  It is some kind of fly, possibly a dance fly.  Beyond that I don’t know. Hundreds or probably thousands … Continue reading

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Rain and Butterflies

When it rains in the spring you will not see butterflies.  Not so with summer rains.  I did not get outside this morning, but went out with my camera shortly after noon.  I had to change my plans soon, though, … Continue reading

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Today’s butterflies

Today was a good day for mosquitoes, but it also turned into a very good day for butterflies as well. Two or three cabbage whites were hanging around, and I chased this one for a while before it landed on … Continue reading

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