Today’s Bugs

There was a lot of insect activity today.  Loads of butterflies, although nothing I haven’t already seen for the year.  Lots of odonates, also.  But along with the “good” bugs were a bunch I wasn’t so fond of.  Mosquitoes and especially deer flies were pretty thick.


Pearl crescents are pretty common, mating among the flowers.  The males are hanging out on the gravel road, sipping water and trying to get minerals.


Summer azures are still pretty common, although most are looking pretty worn.  I really did not see any fresh ones today.


There are a few question mark butterflies around.  They are almost invisible with their wings closed, but are spectacularly colored orange and black from above.


And this ebony jewelwing was quite spectacular as it flew among the flowers.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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