Today’s Bugs

I was able to take a little time today to travel to a local prairie and met some friends there.  Officially it was a prairie walk, but several of us were more into the insects, and we had a good time photographing them.


This guy was very rare and exotic-looking, but it is in reality quite common.  It is the helmeted squash bug, Euthochtha galeator.  It seemed to be eating this bird dropping.


There were a number of eastern amberwings, Perithemis tenera.


There were a lot of butterflies, including this worn great spangled fritillary, Speyeria cybele.

This unidentified bee was working Liatris.


This is a small dance fly, probably  a Rhamphomyia species.

It was hot an humid, and we were out for less than two hours, but I loved it.

Taking bug pictures is fun, especially when you can do it with other like-minded people.

Update:  8-18-15

MJ Hatfield has suggested that this could be Empis clausa.  It does look like a match.  See here.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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