Pea’s Creek Damsels

Yesterday was hot and muggy.  I wanted to go someplace and photograph critters but the weather was not good for what I was trying to do.  Some butterflies were flying but were not nectaring for the most part.  Mosquitoes, heat, and sweat interfered with my concentration.

Finally I went up to The Ledges State Park and found a small area along Pea’s Creek that wasn’t too crowded with people.  I watched ebony jewelwings as they flitted along the banks and over the water.


This is a female.


This seems to be a male.


The flights were about mating, or fighting about mating.


The short little flights were fun to watch as the damselflies dashed about in the sun.

9-6-150050It was also fun to watch people as they waded by in Pea’s Creek.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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