Wasps by the Apple Tree

We have an apple tree with a lot of fallen apples.  Saturday I spent some time photographing butterflies in, under, and around the tree.  But butterfly photography has a little bit of danger as well.  There were several species of social wasps on the apples.


These are yellow jackets–probably a Vespula species, but I am not sure which one.


I think this is Polites metricus, and probably a male.  The common name for this is paper wasp, but there are several species of paper wasp.


These are bald-faced hornets, Dolichovespula maculata.


This is a northern paper wasp, Polites fuscutus.  Most of the other wasps stayed on the apples, but this one staggered around slowly like it was drunk.

I could show you some butterfly photos, too, but I will save them for another day.  The wasps were more fun.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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2 Responses to Wasps by the Apple Tree

  1. juliecache says:

    definitely sharing this with my beekeeper friends and maybe linking to this page from the bee relocation page at desmoinesbackyardbeekeepers.org — you would not believe how many calls i get about removing honey bees this time of year when folks really have wasps.

    • There is a risk that people can get stung by the wasps or by honeybees, but that is not a good reason to eliminate the risk. People accept risks by driving cars, having electricity in their homes, and having cleaning chemicals in their homes. Why is it that the natural risk must be eliminated but the unnatural risk is not?
      That being said, I probably would remove a hornet nest from my back yard if it was in a bad location.

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