More on Eating Motion: The Click Mechanism

In previous posts I have speculated on the existence of  kinetitrophic autotrophic  organisms–creatures which are able to create food for their metabolism out of the energy of motion.  Picture a bacterium attached to a substrate, with its flagellum spinning in the current.  It might act like a tiny wind generator.


But regardless of whether or not bacteria are capable of kinetisynthesis, could there be other organisms as well?

It seems that rotation around an axis is not very common in life forms.  Perhaps there is some kind of click mechanism that works to make the organism collect energy from the motion in one direction, then clicks to change the angle so that little energy is used to spring back to the original position.

Old-fashioned mechanical jacks and some ink pens have click mechanisms.  So do some toy rubber-tipped dart guns.  Could that lock the flow of the energy so it can be translated into chemical energy?

If you watch trees or grasses in the wind, do you see anything like this?  How would you know it if you did?



About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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