Time For a Little Impatience

Donald Trump recently had an event where he initiated kicking some non-violent protesters out into the cold and advocated stealing their coats.  He did all of this in front of a cheering mob and a bunch of flags.

Now some flag-waving heavily armed protesters have taken over a federal building and so far the response by the feds has been to let them set up camp and get comfortable.

Why are they waving the flag while they are trashing the federal property, my federal property?  I do not approve.

Now I am all in favor of keeping a cool head if it avoids violence.  But they need to be kicked out.  Turn off the electricity, water, heat, and internet, for God’s sake.  Block the entrances.   Charge them with the appropriate crimes.  Drag their butts out.

The inaction is pretty hard to justify.

Time for some pushback.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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