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I got into a discussion with some co-workers about dandelions, and the value of spending time removing them from lawns. They expressed that it gave them pleasure to remove all of the dandelions from their lawns. I spent some time … Continue reading

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They are Putting an Illegal on the Twenty Dollar Bill

They are planning on putting the face of an Illegal on the twenty dollar bill. She was not a citizen.  She crossed borders illegally.  Not only that, she recruited others for her illegal activity.  She snuck around at night committing … Continue reading

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Henry’s Elfin

I chase butterflies.  There are some I have chased for years and have not yet seen.  Until last year, Henry’s elfin, Callophrys henrici, was one of those butterflies.  This butterfly might not be rare, but it is rarely seen.  It … Continue reading

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First Butterfly of the Year (For Me)

We have had reports of butterflies here in Iowa since the last week in February–unusually early.  I did not see my first butterfly until yesterday, however. Yesterday I saw red admirals.  There were at least three, and they chased each … Continue reading

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The Eighth Annual Day of Insects

Yesterday and Friday I was able to attend events associated with the Eighth Annual Day of Insects, put on by Reiman Gardens, which is a public garden associated with Iowa State University. The event has gotten to be pretty big–there … Continue reading

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