The Eighth Annual Day of Insects

Yesterday and Friday I was able to attend events associated with the Eighth Annual Day of Insects, put on by Reiman Gardens, which is a public garden associated with Iowa State University.

Robert Dana

The event has gotten to be pretty big–there were around 130 participants this year.

Essentially it is a meeting of the insect enthusiasts  of the area–there are a mix of dedicated professionals but mostly citizen scientists and insect photographers.  It is in Iowa, but there were attendees from Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, and probably other states as well.

The main session on Saturday was fifteen different speakers giving a short talk (the length of each was tightly controlled to be 20 minutes) about their field of interest.

Brendan Dunphy

I have been to this event every year it has been held, and it just gets better every year.

Special thanks to Nathan Brockman, Anita Weshphal, the rest of the Reiman Gardens staff, and M. J. Hatfield for putting it together.



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2 Responses to The Eighth Annual Day of Insects

  1. theresagreen says:

    Sounds fascinating, did you give a talk yourself?

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