I got into a discussion with some co-workers about dandelions, and the value of spending time removing them from lawns.


They expressed that it gave them pleasure to remove all of the dandelions from their lawns.

I spent some time on my dandelions yesterday.




I did not end up with a uniform green lawn.  But I had a pretty good dandelion break.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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4 Responses to Dandelions

  1. juliecache says:

    love this! the bloom county is perfect

  2. Now that we’re on dandelions . . . are the native to our U.S.? is they are . . . ? If they are ‘ aliens . . . ? So much to know, before we decide whether or not to . . . ?

  3. They are not native to the U.S., but for that matter, neither is the suburban bluegrass lawn. They seem to be a problem in lawns (at least for some people) but no where else. They do not crowd out native vegetation.

  4. theresagreen says:

    If only everyone looked at dandelions as you do! They are prolific here, but so important as an early nectar plant for a whole host of insects.

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