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A Fly that looks like a Wasp

I have been chasing butterflies lately and have spent a lot of time by common milkweed, which brings in all kinds of butterflies.  It brings in other pollinators as well–bees and wasps, primarily. On three different occasions I have run … Continue reading

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The Cherry Tree has Butterflies

Our cherry tree has lots of fruit on it this year–Pat has picked a bunch for pies.  Still, there is ripening fruit and over-ripe fruit.  And butterflies. This is called a question mark butterfly, named for the silver marks on … Continue reading

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A Day Spent Chasing Butterflies

I went to Rolling Thunder and Medora Prairies in south-central Iowa yesterday.  I will be inviting people along with me on a butterfly walk in a couple of weeks (July 2), and I thought I would check things out before … Continue reading

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You are being watched

We have some huge old cottonwood trees near our place.  As I walked by one, I heard some rustling in the tree and the sound of babies talking to their mother.  I saw some young raccoons and the mother, but … Continue reading

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Some Butterflies and a Fly

Today was very hot and humid.  But it was a great day for taking pictures of butterflies and other insects. This is a hackberry emperor.  Today was the first time I have seen this species this year.  These small woodland … Continue reading

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Closing in on Some of Those Resolutions

In December or 2013 I made some resolutions for the new year, 2014.  I did not share the usual ones, but I did share some of the odd resolutions I had about bugs I wanted to find and photograph. One … Continue reading

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More Bugs

I chased some more insects today. This tawny-edged skipper, Polites themistocles, was spending time around a mud puddle, but perched on a small weed briefly. The northern pearly-eye, Enodia anthedon, emerged from a shady area along the path and sought … Continue reading

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The Good Bugs are Out

May was pretty busy from a social standpoint but slow from a nature photography standpoint.  Part of the problem is that there weren’t many butterflies.  May is always slow for butterflies–you would think it wouldn’t be, because the weather is … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Bugs

Sunday I was able to get out a little and take some pictures of insects. This is the spotted lady beetle, Coleomegilla maculata on a spiderwort flower.  The spotted lady beetle is one of the native lady beetles, and is … Continue reading

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