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I’m Sorta Back

I lost my camera–in fact, several cameras and lenses to a break-in a couple of weeks ago.   But I find that I need to take pictures.  Call it an investment in my mental health.  So I traded in an … Continue reading

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There is always another way

I was sitting on my porch, feeling sorry for myself.  I lost my camera to a recent break-in.  Then I saw first one then three or four silver-spotted skippers.  Two landed on a decorative paving brick that someone gave us … Continue reading

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Forced Early Retirement

I am forced to stop taking bug photos for the time being. Someone broke into our house, breaking a patio door window to get in.  They took some stuff from us, including my camera. I will have to spend a … Continue reading

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Highly Modified Nature

Yesterday I did some photography along Saylorville Reservoir.  This is a flood-control reservoir on the Des Moines River. From an ecological standpoint, flood control reservoirs are a really bad idea.  They create environments that are highly modified by man.  Still, … Continue reading

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Swamp Milkweed and Three Butterflies

I saw this in the road ditch today. Two great spangled fritillaries and a monarch on swamp milkweed. I love summer.

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The Eye of the Monarch

In the past, I have posted my opinion that monarch butterflies are one of the more difficult butterflies to photograph.  The key to great butterfly photography is to get the eyes in focus. Monarchs hide their eyes with little white … Continue reading

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Butterfliers have a term (probably borrowed from the birders) for butterflies that are difficult to identify.  “LBJ” stands for “little brown job.” In the last few days I have been photographing some butterflies that can best be called LBJs.  They … Continue reading

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