Good Day to be Outside

It was a good day to be outside today.  I went down to Medora Prairie–I was not feeling my best, but I thought some butterfly action might cheer me up.


Cabbage whites are pretty common in Iowa, but they can make an impact anyway.  This is an attempt at mating, but I understand that what the butterfly on the bottom of the photo is doing is called the “rejection display.”  She wants nothing to do with him.


One of our late-season butterflies is the gray hairstreak.  They may or may not overwinter here–our Iowa butterfly experts think they don’t.  They are often seen in good numbers in the late summer and early fall, though.


Our two most common butterflies are quite similar in appearance, the clouded sulfur and the orange sulfur.  This is not one of those.  This is the sleepy orange–fairly common in states to our south, but usually not seen in Iowa.


A spectacular large yellow butterfly is the cloudless sulfur.  It is also common in states to the south of here, but usually rare here.  I usually only see it once every two or three years.

It was a good day to be outside.  The butterflies were basking more than they were visiting flowers, and I was not as happy with my photographs as I would have liked.  Still, I did not spend the day inside.

A day spent outside with a camera beats a day  inside by a lot.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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