Bucket Photography

Sometimes when I do my macro photography I take a five gallon bucket with me.  I turn it over and use it like a chair.  It is easier to manage than most chairs, especially in tall weedy areas.  Being able to comfortably minimize movement and focus on the subject makes it easier to get a good shot.

Today I noticed several silver-spotted skippers working a sedum patch for nectar.  So I sat on my bucket and waited for just the right angle.


I kind of liked this view.


This worked well also.

The five gallon bucket–an important macro photography accessory.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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2 Responses to Bucket Photography

  1. Jeff Zablow says:

    So many folks cite their ‘Bucket List’ yet you are the one who actually implements the Bucket strategy! How far down the trail do you go with your bucket?

  2. This was just in the back yard. But I have taken it quite a ways on the trail, too. It is pretty light.

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