Late Season Butterflies


I walked around a little today and found this eastern comma.  Initially it was in the driveway, appearing to sample the dirt for minerals.  Then it went to the yard, and stuck its tongue on and around one of the plants.


I am not really sure what it was doing.  It seems to be similar to commonly seen “mudding” behavior.  Or maybe it was looking for just tasting stuff.  This species of butterfly is often seen on rotting fruit or sap leaks on trees.

There weren’t a lot of butterflies flying today, at least when I was out looking for them.  I did find this tattered Peck’s skipper getting a little nectar from a red clover.


The end of the butterfly season is right around the corner.

I am going to continue to enjoy them while I can, then miss them for a short while when they are gone.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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