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There is Nothing to Fear…

The dark-skinned people just don’t fit in.  They do not learn our languages and customs.  When they mix with us there is often violence.  They are not Christians. It is to the economic benefit of the country that they be … Continue reading

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Chief Poweshiek on a Freedom Rock

Over the years I have posted stories around a butterfly, Oarisma poweshiek, or the Poweshiek skipper.  This butterfly was discovered in Grinnell, Iowa and named after the county of its discovery and also the Meskwaki chief that the county was … Continue reading

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They call it the “death tax”

Politics this year has focused on personalities and not on issues.  And that is a shame. But one issue that has come up is the inheritance tax or the estate tax.  The Republicans call it the “Death tax,” and oppose … Continue reading

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