A Few Random Photos

I wandered around today with my camera and took a few photos.  It was a warm day, although we are still in winter.  Most of the snow is gone, but some remains and the ground is saturated.


In a roadside ditch next to our house we have a large patch of Equisetum–snake grass as the locals call it.  It has died back for the winter, although it still remains green.


On the other side of the ditch some of the ground was exposed, showing mosses that will be invisible during the growing season for the vascular plants that take over in the summer.


A little further up the road is a patch of cattails.  This is a seed head that is starting to fall apart.

No butterflies or other bugs out that I could see.  They should be out in a few weeks though, and maybe some flowers as well.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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