The Ninth Annual Day of Insects

Yesterday and Friday I went to the Ninth Annual Day of Insects, hosted by Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa.

I have posted about this event in the past, but it keeps getting better and better.  This event is about insect enthusiasts, conservationists, and naturalists all getting together and sharing their work.  There are some professional entomologists in the group (a very small percentage), but most people are only hobbyists.  Some are photographers, some manage urban or rural habitats on private property, some manage habitats on public property.  Many are educators in schools or in conservation organizations.  Some raise insects–collecting galls on plants to see what comes out, for example.

“Day” of insects might be a little bit misleading, because it has turned into at least a day and a half for people who are so inclined.  The main event consists of different insect enthusiasts  giving 15 minute talks about subjects that interest them.  Friday this year we had some longer workshops, and they were all good.  Here, M.J. and Anita are talking to us about how to raise insects.

Elieen and Lloyd gave a workshop about spiders and harvestmen.

This year there were about 150 people in attendance.   Think about it–150 people willing to pay a small fee to attend talks about insects.  Not “how to get rid of insects,” but how to conserve them.

I totally enjoyed myself, and I think most people there did also.  This is a very special event.  Thanks to all who helped to organize it, but especially Nathan, M.J., and Anita.  You folks are awesome.

Of course, while there I had the opportunity to tour the butterfly wing.  Since it was cloudy and rainy outside there was not as much activity inside as there could have been.

This atlas moth was magnificent.


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Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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