Backyard Butterfly Tonight

There was a red admiral flying around the back yard tonight.  It would fly around and land on a small stump left over from when we cut down a pear tree last fall.  Then it would fly again, and land in a different spot.  But it would alternate between three or four locations, and sooner or later it would get back to its starting point.

The sun was going down, and its wings lit up from behind.  Often, when I take photos of butterflies, I use a fill flash.  It shows the colors well, and lights up the eye.

That makes a pretty good photo, but it wasn’t what I saw.  Without the flash you can see the effects of the directional light from the sun.

The eye doesn’t show up so well, but the blue and green on the upper wings (near the head) shows up a little better.  Still, it does not seem quite so bright in this photo as it did in real life.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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