Because it’s Earth Day…

…or maybe because it was a beautiful day and I could, I took a bunch of pictures today.  And I got earth on the knees of my jeans as I did.  And I got earth on my elbows as I crawled closer for a better photo.  And I got earth on the back of my jeans as I slid down the hill to the ditch because the slope was too steep to climb.

This vegetative shoot of equisetum still had the morning dew.

This is a small carpenter bee–Ceratina calcarata I believe.

This bee fly, Bombylius major, was visiting violets.

These are the nasty spines of greenbriar.

This moss covers an elm tree stump by the driveway.

And of course, the apple trees are blooming.

Happy earth day.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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