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Might be Mites

This red admiral seems to be infested with something.  My best guess is mites. I think there is one on the right leg in front, and two on the back left leg. They could be parasitic or predatory, but they … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Herbert Axelrod

Herbert R. Axelrod died earlier this month.  If you read the Wikipedia article, you might get the idea that he was a businessman who eventually got in trouble with the law.  He had a criminal conviction and was accused of … Continue reading

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Wandering Around

We finally had some warm and dry weather so I wondered around the property.  This winter and early spring I spent some time photographing a moss on an old elm stump at the edge of our yard.  I went over … Continue reading

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Politics at the Pond

The swamp has not been drained.  The politicians just sit there in the muck.  The warty ones seem to have a slight majority.  Their voices are deep and they drone on and on.  But the slimy ones chip in, too … Continue reading

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Another Change of Plans

Plans we had for today were changed, which was not such a bad thing.  I went to a couple of local parks, then to the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, where I saw several bison, some of them up close. … Continue reading

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View from the Porch

It is great to live in the country.  Here was the view from my front porch tonight. The deer wondered around the yard then went across the road.  I watched for four or five minutes before it moved on.  It … Continue reading

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