Politics at the Pond

The swamp has not been drained.  The politicians just sit there in the muck.  The warty ones seem to have a slight majority.  Their voices are deep and they drone on and on.  But the slimy ones chip in, too with their off-key chirps.  They do not pay attention to the message, but only to the volume as they try to out shout out the wart bearers.  They filibuster into the night.

The calling of frogs at our pond reminds me of politics a little.  Lots of noise, little back and forth.  At times it seems there is no communication, but only a contest to see who can be the loudest.  American toads and gray tree frogs are the loudest right now.

American toads have a deep, sustained call, and are one of the dominate species now.

Gray tree frogs are the chirpers.  They can get quite loud also.

We may have two different species of gray tree frogs here, distinguished mostly by their calls, but I confess I can’t tell the difference.

Leopard frogs are in a small minority now–sort of a third party.

I haven’t heard the cricket frogs yet–their time is coming soon.

The pond might only have one bullfrog, but his voice will be heard.

We have at least six species of frogs on our property–possibly as many as eight.  In addition to those shown we have chorus frogs (they are among the first to call and they are mostly done now).  I think I have heard spring peepers on a couple of occasions as well, but I may be mistaken.

They are a little different from politicians in one sense–their music is sweet.

I  love hearing the frogs at night.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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1 Response to Politics at the Pond

  1. juliecache says:

    I am a volunteer frog monitor for the state — record some calls and I’ll help you out!

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