Yesterday and Today

I went to Medora Prairie yesterday, which is a TNC preserve located east of New Virginia, Iowa.  This area is home to some of Iowa’s rarest butterflies.  While I did not see any of the rare ones, I did get to see some nice ones.  We have had a little bit of a spell where there weren’t many butterflies flying, but the numbers are rapidly picking up.

This silvery checkerspot was hanging out near a puddle in the dirt road just alongside the prairie.

This tawny-edged skipper was getting nectar from the dogbane alongside the same road.  Dogbane is starting to bloom at Medora, but it is not yet blooming where I live, which is about an hour’s drive to the north of there.

Back home today I came across this Peck’s skipper.

Two days ago I started seeing small whitish butterflies flying high up in the trees.  I was pretty sure they were summer azures, but I only saw them a few times and I never got a good look.  Now they are out in full force, and can’t be missed.  I am sure they number in the dozens, if not the hundreds, just in our yard.

In the road alongside our property I came across these western fox snakes, in a fairly aggressive courtship display.

I considered moving them out of the road because of the possibility that someone could accidentally (or intentionally) run over them with a vehicle.  I did not–the road is fairly lightly traveled.  When I went past the site about an hour later they were gone.  They avoided the road hazard for the time being.

Another pleasant summer day.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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