Weekend Photos

We had great weather for people this weekend.  It was a little too windy and cool for butterfly photography, though.  Still, I did get some shots.

The milkweeds are still in bloom, and still drawing in butterflies like this gray copper.  Both the butterfly and the photographer had to fight the wind to get this photo.

Orange sulfurs are normally our most common butterfly, but their numbers are down this year.

This common buckeye was not too much affected by the wind when it landed on the short grass near the taller weeds.

This Nessus sphinx moth was perched on the flowers taking nectar.  Normally, I believe, they take nectar on the wing like a hummingbird would do.  It moved slowly but did not seem to be in trouble.  Maybe it landed here because of the wind.

At Lincoln Access near Saylorville Reservoir I found this familiar bluet damselfly.

I startled this bullfrog so that he jumped into the water.  Then he turned around and glared at me.

Just wandering around with my camera.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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