The Dance of Life

Butterflies have a little dance they do prior to mating (or sometimes prior to not mating).  It often includes shimmering, shaking, and flying around in circling chases.  I saw two silver-spotted skippers in the dance this morning.

They started in the Monarda.  Silver spotted skippers almost have a buzz when they fly.  If one flies past your ear you will hear it.  But flopping around in the weeds there was a definite noise–not quite a buzz, but definitely a rustle.

They flew for a short distance–a foot or so–within the vegetation.  They rustled for a few seconds, then flew some more.

Then the flew into a tree, out of range of my camera.  A few seconds later I saw them fly higher, into a different tree where I lost sight of them.

Other creatures were doing their own life dance.  I witnessed several species of dragonfly flying low over the backwater at Saylorville Reservoir.

This is an eastern amberwing.

Tiny frogs, smaller than the nail of my pinky finger were hopping on the mud and resting on the weeds.  This is a cricket frog.

Blue vervain seemed strangely devoid of pollinators.  Then the sun popped out from behind a cloud and several butterflies, like this common buckeye showed up.

This male fiery skipper shows the flame-like markings that give the butterfly its common name.

Life dances on.  If you are lucky you can witness it.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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