A Song for Linda

I like to compare photography to music.  It is something I do which gives me emotional release.  I like to produce a great photo, but what I really love is the process of taking that photo.

There are kindred spirits out there–people who do the same thing and get the same pleasure out of it.  Iowa has been lucky enough to have a pair of photographers, a husband and wife team of Robert and Linda Scarth, who seem to be able to find that same wavelength.

Their lovely website can be found here.

Linda died about a month ago from a rapid encounter with cancer.  Robert and the rest of his family had a celebration of her life at Wikiup Hill Nature Center near Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I went a few hours early and wondered around the local natural areas.  I could feel the same music from nature that she felt (maybe it is more appropriate to say they because the two always were a team).  So here are some photos I took yesterday–I call them my song for Linda.

So if I faltered a little, I am sorry.  It is only through the tears.

Linda was such a lovely person and had a huge positive impact on most of the local natural groups.  So long, Linda.

Carry on Robert.  Sorry for your loss.  Sorry for our loss.



About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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1 Response to A Song for Linda

  1. theresagreen says:

    A beautiful and touching tribute.

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