A Pleasant Morning

I went to an Iowa Prairie Network event today, at the Lomp Lengeling Farms near Collins, Iowa.  Parts of the farm, including a small but diverse prairie remnant and some degraded savanna are being managed in order to aid the original biological diversity.

It was a fairly laid-back event, and I wandered around and took photos and might have even learned a few things.

It was cloudy and even a little rainy, but I saw this familiar bluet perched in the grass.

I am not sure which true bug this was, but I liked its weird looks.

Leatherwing beetles were pretty common, including this on on a great blue lobelia.

I found this striped blister beetle on a small patch of bare ground.

It is late in the year and butterfly numbers are down.  With the cloudy weather and sprinkles of rain it was surprising to see butterflies at all, although I did see several, including this eastern tailed-blue.

I never get tired of the spectacular colors of syrphid flies.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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