A Modest Success

Last week I went to Waubonsie State Park and photographed butterflies.  I saw a lot of Henry’s elfin, and got some pretty good photos of them.  I also saw a lot of zebra swallowtails and took a lot of terrible photos of that species.  They did not sit down for me.

So yesterday I thought I would try again with the zebras.  The butterfly fauna on the wing has changed in just a week.  Unlike last week, I saw several flying while I was driving.  I never know for sure, but I think they were red admirals.  Henry’s elfins did not seem to be out.  I did see a couple of small black butterflies chasing each other, and I assumed they were Henry’s.  One sat down briefly and I took its picture, but did not look at it closely.  It flew off before I could get another shot.  When I looked at my pictures after I got back home, I saw that it clearly was not an elfin–it was a skipper.  I think it was a northern cloudy-wing, but I am not sure I can say that for sure from this angle.

I watched the zebra swallowtails again this time.  I did see them nectaring this time, and also sitting on the ground.  I was able to get a somewhat better picture this time.

This is a lot better photo than I got last week.  It is still not a drop the mic, do a little dance, quality picture.  But maybe I will get that later.

Success is not easy, and sometimes it is measured in small increments.  This is not what I was shooting for, but I will take it.

A small success is still a success.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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