Unintended Consequences

A young man from Des Moines recently died in Mexico.  The story was widely covered in the news.  He ran afoul of some of the rules relating to immigration, and took a voluntary deportation to a country he did not know, where he was murdered, apparently by drug cartel members.

I heard some of my conservative friends talking about this.  I know they felt a little guilty about this, but they had a number of points about why they shouldn’t.  The kid had a conviction for driving while intoxicated.  The kid’s father also had convictions for drug related offenses.  The deportation was “voluntary.”  And, of course, the kid getting killed in Mexico was not the fault of the immigration policies that the conservatives push–it was an unintended consequence.

This reminds me of an incident that happened over a century and a half ago.

People who had known only one land were being removed from that land.  The policy that was in place was cruel in the extreme.  But the unintended consequences were even worse.  Instead of ending up “safely” in the land that is now Oklahoma, almost half of those on the boat ended up dead.

You should feel guilty for the intended consequences of your immigration policy.  You should also feel guilty for the unintended consequences of your immigration policy.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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