The Coolest Fly Ever!

Today I did a little bit of walking around with my camera, and came across what is probably my favorite fly.  These flies are pretty impressive.

Mydas flies are huge.  This one is probably Mydas tibialis, the golden-legged mydas fly.

For being the biggest, baddest looking fly around, mydas flies are not very well known.  The adults feed on nectar and do not live very long.  The larva apparently feed on beetle larva found in rotting wood, and they may spend two or more years in that stage.

This species has a particular affinity for the yucca-like tallgrass prairie plant called rattlesnake master.  It is most likely a mimic of the large wasp, Sphex pensylvanicus which provisions its nests with grasshoppers and katydids.

One of those wasps was flying around.  While they do frequent flowers for nectar and pollen, this one was busy hunting.

Other insects were visiting the flowers, like this syrphid fly.

Not too many butterflies though.  Here is a least skipper.



About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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