In the Grand Scheme of Things….

You have to wonder–what kind of guy would spend an inordinate amount of his time posting photographs of insects to the internet?  I don’t know.  Seems like an odd thing to do.

I just sat outside on my little patio and listened to the music of the cicadas.  And it gave me a tiny bit of pleasure.  And so do photos of the odd little things that run the world.  I check out Facebook pages that deal with insects.  Some specialize in robber flies, some in jewel beetles.  I check out one that deals with slime molds (absolutely amazing creatures if you look at them closely.)  I browse pages on native fishes and reptiles and amphibians.

I also look at pictures of babies, especially when I know or am part of the family.  I block a lot of political stuff though.

But I am going to post some pictures of a fly that I photographed this weekend.  Because it’s a cool fly.  I am not sure why I think it is so neat but I do.

This is a feather-legged fly, Trichopoda pennipes.  It is not particularly rare.  It belongs to the tachnid group, which typically have larvae that are internal parasitoids of other insects.  This particular fly lays eggs on true bugs, typically squash bugs.  The larva burrows into the insect, eating it from the inside out.  It is a parasitoid rather than a parasite because it kills its host.

Glad I could bring a little bit of insignificant information into your life.

You’re welcome.



About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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1 Response to In the Grand Scheme of Things….

  1. blhphotoblog says:

    Like yourself I enjoy posting my images of butterflies and other critters, there’s a lot of people out there who do as well, it’s a great way of seeing things from other parts of the world.

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