Late Season Pollinators

Sunday I went to Marietta Sand Prairie (right after Iowa State won their ball game).  I was hoping to find some late season insects.  I had not been out with my camera for a few weeks because the weather and my schedule did not cooperate.  I was only there for a short time–there were pheasant hunters out, and as I was not wearing blaze orange it seemed like it might not be very wise to be crawling around in the weeds.

There were not a lot out anyway, and not many flowers.  But there were a couple of very late flowers blooming by the parking lot, with some insect visitors.

I am not sure what this tiny bee is.

I was surprised to see this butterfly so late in the year.  Clouded sulfur, I believe.

I think this small bee could be Sphecodes davisii.

Flowers are now difficult to find, as are the flower visiting insects.  The season is mostly at an end.  For a few months I will sort pictures and take macro photos inside instead of out in nature.  And that is not nearly as much fun.

But spring will come soon enough.



About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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2 Responses to Late Season Pollinators

  1. Stephanie Hazen says:

    ceratina bee! Nice photo

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