Weekend Critters

I was able to hit a couple of prairie areas this weekend and admire the creatures that live in them.


One thing the wordpress blogging site does when you insert a photograph is to insert a photo caption.  By default, the caption is a series of question marks which you replace with text.  Usually I just delete the caption, but in this case my photo is of a question mark butterfly, Polygonia interrogationis.  So the default caption is appropriate.

This was along a roadside at Waubonsie State Park in south western Iowa.

Chorus frogs are the first frogs we hear every year.  I have spent hours, unsuccessfully trying to get a photograph of one.  They are too sensitive to sneak up on, or perhaps I am not sneaky enough.  But this one was in the weeds where I could get a good look.

Mydas flies are very large flies–the ones we have in Iowa are slightly more than an inch long.  The group includes the world’s largest fly, which is about four inches long.  Not too much is known about them.  The adults do not live for very long, and the larva are thought to live in rotten wood.  Iowa has two species that we know about–this one is Mydas clavatus .

When they fly, they sound and look like large, angry wasps.  I was enchanted by the experience of having one fly near my head a few times.  But then, I knew it was a Mydas fly.

This widow skimmer was in a small prairie in Greene County.

This painted lady was in the same prairie.

I almost always see eastern amberwings in prairies.  I am always amazed by their beauty.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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  1. mrichards@netins.net says:

    Hello…Am interested in knowing which prairie in Greene County…Mary

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