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More Insects

Summer allows me to get out, sometimes for just a few minutes a day and sometimes for much longer. The critters that are out are not too rare, but can be quite spectacular never the less. These cabbage white butterflies … Continue reading

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A Tiny Moth

Yesterday I found this tiny moth on the yarrow flowers in my back yard. It seems to be a clearwing moth, possibly in the genus Carmenta. Moths in that genus are typically leaf miners. It seemed very wasp-like in flight.

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So I went to a BioBlitz…

The Nahant Marsh Education Center, in cooperation with a number of other organizations conducted a bioblitz last weekend in the Illiniwek Forest Preserve in Hampton, Illinois last weekend. The idea behind a bioblitz is that a bunch of people who … Continue reading

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Another Day in the Prairie

I went to Medora Prairie this morning, and did what I do–wandered around with a camera trying to find butterflies. And I found some. One of the first butterflies I saw was this coral hairstreak. It was a first-of-the year … Continue reading

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Chasing Butterflies

Lately I have filled some of my days with some butterfly chases. I get out the door fairly early (for a retiree) and drive to some natural area in search of butterflies. Last week I went to Marietta Sand Prairie … Continue reading

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