A Lot of Questions, Not Many Answers–Toilet Paper Edition

Now that I am retired, I find myself with more time to think about things than I used to have.  Little things I might not have thought about in the past take up more of my time.  Things are changing, too, and I don’t handle change well.  Changes require me to re-evaluate what I do and the results are not always pretty.

I get groceries about every two weeks or so.  I had toilet paper on the list.

This is what I usually get.  It needs to be strong enough and soft enough, and maybe I need a dozen rolls.  But do I need “ultra strong” and “ultra soft”?  Do I need a dozen rolls that is really four dozen, or do I need the nine roll pack which is really three dozen? Charmin has been doing this for a while.  I think I bought a package a while back that had rolls so large they did not fit on the fixture.  Was that the “mega” size or was the some ultra mega size?

Everybody is playing the same game.  Fiora and Cottonelle have double rolls:  12 rolls supposedly equal 24.  They have “ultra clean care”, “ultra comfort care”, “ultra gentle care”, and “soft + strong”.  One has a “fresh linen scent” on the core

With Home Pals, 18 rolls supposedly equal 48.  It has “premium softness” but might be the cheapest.  Quilted Northern is “ultra soft and strong.”

Scott tissues claims twelve rolls equals twenty four, but it only takes six rolls of Angel Soft to equal that same number.  Scott tissues are “comfort plus.”  Angel Soft makes no claims of strength or softness, but with a baby angel it is implied.  That one has 425+ sheets.

I saw a little chart on the internet with a “toilet paper sustainability scorecard.”  Most of these either scored a D or an F, or were not on the list.  One that scored an “A” was called “Green Forest.”  It is available on Amazon for the low price of twelve rolls for $49.77.  It is not sold where I get groceries.  I will not be buying toilet paper through Amazon.

So I made a decision.  I grabbed a package–not the brand I usually get.  Then I continued with my shopping.  I don’t have time for this…..

(But I did find the time to snap a few quick photos and rant about this to anyone who listens).

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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1 Response to A Lot of Questions, Not Many Answers–Toilet Paper Edition

  1. Stephanie Hazen says:

    We buy toilet paper from recycled paper now. Also discovered a new laundry soap, Earth Breeze, ordered on line. Less packaging, no plastic, works great, comes delivered, they donate to lots of charities. Not expensive.

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