Saving the Butterflies with the Environmental Defense Fund

I got a letter today from the Environmental Defense Fund, asking me to help me save the butterflies. Their suggestion is that I should send them money so that they can fight climate change, and therefore save the butterflies. They included some little notecards with photos of butterflies–the monarch, the eastern tiger swallowtail, the common blue (from Europe), and the blue morpho (from South America).

Now saving butterflies is a noble cause. So is fighting global warming. There are butterflies whose habitats and whose existence are threatened by global warming.

There are better ways to try to save butterflies, however. Plant a pollinator garden in your back yard. Don’t mow so much. Support efforts to preserve or establish native prairie plants. All of those ways are more effective, and you can see the results.

The top two photos are of silver-spotted skippers, and the one right below it is a gorgone checkerspot. Those butterflies were thriving in my back yard this summer because I planted native plants and let them grow tall. The bottom photo is a regal fritillary which pretty much needs original prairie areas along with its host plants prairie violet or bird’s foot violet to thrive. I don’t expect to find it in my back yard.

Of course we need to fight global warming. But if you want to save butterflies, start in your back yard.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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2 Responses to Saving the Butterflies with the Environmental Defense Fund

  1. AGWabsurd says:

    That CO2 has anything to do with Global warming is absurd. There is no earth blackblody radiation to absorb above wet surfaces is shown by the Beer’s Law calculation. Taking the absorbance of 2 as a transmittance of 1% 2=18 (Mcm)^-1 x 55.345 M x path length in cm. The path length of water necessary to absorb 99% of blackbody is then ..002 cm or .00079 in or less than a mil. For the parts of earth not water, vegetated, or snow covered, the calculation for CO2 at 400 ppm is 2= 20.2 m^2/moles x .0178 moles/m^3 x path length in m. The path length is 5.56 meters or at current concentration the absorbance of CO2 is already maxed out and more has no effect other than to reduce the path length above the surface.

    • Wow! You threw a lot of math out there that I am not equipped to understand. My point was that it is easier to save butterflies by changing what is in my back yard than by changing global conditions. I’m going to go with the scientific consensus is that global warming is real and caused by man’s activities and beyond that the only thing I know about Beer’s law is that cold beer tastes good on a hot summer night. Cheers.

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