Butterfly Big Year Update #3

I went on a trip to Sauk City Wisconsin, chasing butterflies. The point of the trips is that they are a little bit spontaneous, depending on the weather and what other butterflies have been seen. However, I always feel a little bit unprepared. I thought I had forgotten my reading glasses so when I looked at my photos at the hotel I could not be sure what I had. Even though I dug through my suitcase several times at the hotel, when I got home I found them–at the bottom of the suitcase.

At Spring Green State Preserve I found this Olympia marble. This was the butterfly I had hoped to find with this trip. The colors on the undersurface of the wings are spectacular.

I also found this spring azure, which was a first of the year for me.

Duskywing skippers are always difficult to identify. After sweating through the IDs in the guidebooks and some online resources, I think this is a Juvenal’s duskywing, which is the same species I found in Missouri a few weeks ago.

So I have thirteen species so far. Progress, but a little slower than I had hoped. Still, the Olympia marble was a “lifer” for me.

I also found this nice tiger beetle. I will work on the ID later.

I am finding some challenges with the big year. Most of the places I have been going I have never been to before. I don’t know where the trails go or how difficult they are. Information online does not always give the full picture. Then, after driving for a day and finally finding the site maybe the weather does not cooperate–it rains, or is too windy or cloudy for the butterflies to get out. Still, I have had some enjoyable times so far.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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