Butterfly Big Year, Update #5

We have had about a week of cool, rainy weather that is not particularly good for butterflies. I have not gone on any out-of-state trips since the Wisconsin trip I took a couple of weeks ago. That is because of a combination of obligations here and a feeling that the trips would likely be unproductive given the season and the weather.

I did get a better photo of the silver-spotted skipper last week.

Today I got a photo of a common sootywing in my back yard.

I chased what I thought was a single individual around my flower garden and my yard. Even though I only saw one at a time, I am pretty sure there was more than one individual.

They are very black and the white spots really glow.

I am up to sixteen species now. I keep thinking I am way behind schedule compared to where I should be. But I make the rules and I alone enforce them. So I’m good.

Given the forecast, Iowa butterflies should start picking up pretty well over the next few days.

I have seen a few monarchs, but I am only counting the butterflies I have photographed. I should be able to add that to the list fairly soon.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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