Minnesota Butterflies–Butterfly Big Year Update #9

Sax-Zim Bog looked like a promising butterfly area when I was surfing through the web for a good place to go in Minnesota. (Slap). Did I mention that there are mosquitos in Minnesota (Slap)? When you get in the shade you can be covered with mosquitos. Move into the sun, and most go away, but the horseflies find you. But there are some cool butterflies.

This was the one “lifer” I got from the trip–a Canadian tiger swallowtail. It looks pretty much like our Eastern tiger swallowtail, except for the white margin on the edge of the wing.

There was an area that had a boardwalk deep into the bog. The boardwalk lead to an area that had the blue flag iris, being visited by this Hobomok skipper. The orchids pictured in the top photo were all around the boardwalk.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a silver-bordered fritillary in Illinois. They are just as beautiful in Minnesota. This one fluttered around weakly under the level of the boardwalk. It was difficult to get a photo without mosses and grasses in the way. Plus, there was the issue of the horsefly that landed on my hand while I was trying to get the picture. I was able to concentrate for a few photos before I brushed it away.

We have a beautiful butterfly in Iowa which has historically been called the red-spotted purple. Now its official common name is red-spotted admiral. It is a subspecies, along with this white admiral. As spectacular as the red-spotted purple is, the white admiral is even more so. It takes your breath away.

Even the interstate rest area yielded some butterflies. This is an arctic skipper.

I need a week or so to recover before my next big trip.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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