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Politics at the Pond

The swamp has not been drained.  The politicians just sit there in the muck.  The warty ones seem to have a slight majority.  Their voices are deep and they drone on and on.  But the slimy ones chip in, too … Continue reading

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Six Species of Frogs (or maybe seven, or eight, or even nine)

Our little pond has attracted at least six species of frogs.  Pond might be a stretch–puddle is probably closer to the truth.  The pond is not very deep and dries out in more years than not.  But it is great … Continue reading

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Frog Tracks

The hot dry weather has taken its toll on our little pond.  It is barely a mud puddle now, and may dry up entirely. Still, frogs (apparently bullfrogs) leave the edge of the pond upon my approach and head for the … Continue reading

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Little Tiny Toads

Last week as I walked the gravel road near our house I saw a number of little tiny toads.  I think they were the common American toad, Bufo americanus, because that seems to be what we have around here.  However, … Continue reading

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Toads are Calling

Tonight is warm and the toads are calling.  So are the gray tree frogs.  The chorus frogs, which were so loud earlier are almost gone.  But if I listen closely, through the songs of the others I can hear them.

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And the Answer is…

American toad.  Bufo americanus.  I haven’t heard them calling yet, but they will soon–they have a long call, which almost sounds like a sheep “baa”, but which can go on for half a minute or so.

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A Small Dinner Guest

It was a very warm, humid day last night in Iowa, with thunderstorms coming in.  We don’t normally have the air conditioner on but since it was so hot we did last night. I noticed this visitor outside our front … Continue reading

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