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Backyard Butterfly Tonight

There was a red admiral flying around the back yard tonight.  It would fly around and land on a small stump left over from when we cut down a pear tree last fall.  Then it would fly again, and land … Continue reading

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Arkansas Butterflies

Last week my coworkers and I left a cold, rainy Iowa and drove to Arkansas to take some classes.  It was warm and sunny down there, and after the classes were over we had a little time to ourselves.  Others … Continue reading

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The Ninth Annual Day of Insects

Yesterday and Friday I went to the Ninth Annual Day of Insects, hosted by Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa. I have posted about this event in the past, but it keeps getting better and better.  This event is about insect … Continue reading

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Wet Tree Watch

It is that time of the year, or at least almost that time of year.  Watch for wet trees. Here in Iowa most of the trees are deciduous.  The leaves fell from the branches last year, and the sap is … Continue reading

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Late Season Butterflies

I walked around a little today and found this eastern comma.  Initially it was in the driveway, appearing to sample the dirt for minerals.  Then it went to the yard, and stuck its tongue on and around one of the … Continue reading

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More Insects

Here are some photos from yesterday. A dance fly, possibly Empis clausa. Peck’s skipper, Polites peckius. And a small bee, possibly Ceratina. The weather is still nice, but turning to autumn.

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Bucket Photography

Sometimes when I do my macro photography I take a five gallon bucket with me.  I turn it over and use it like a chair.  It is easier to manage than most chairs, especially in tall weedy areas.  Being able … Continue reading

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Good Day to be Outside

It was a good day to be outside today.  I went down to Medora Prairie–I was not feeling my best, but I thought some butterfly action might cheer me up. Cabbage whites are pretty common in Iowa, but they can … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Butterflies

Sunday was a great day for butterflies. Giant swallowtails are not common here, but they are large so I see them often enough.  I have tried to get a good photo of one around our house for years, and I … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Critters

I saw some neat critters yesterday as I was wandering around with my camera. This is a tachnid fly, probably a Cylindromyia sp.   A bullfrog found his way across the lawn. A Blanchard’s cricket frog hopped along the edge of … Continue reading

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