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Failing at Butterflies (but working through it)

There is an old saying that a bad day fishing beats a good day at work.  The same is true about chasing butterflies.  Still, when you do something you love to do there are times it just does not work … Continue reading

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Weekend Photos

We had great weather for people this weekend.  It was a little too windy and cool for butterfly photography, though.  Still, I did get some shots. The milkweeds are still in bloom, and still drawing in butterflies like this gray … Continue reading

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History of the Butterfly, Part 37: Henry’s List

In the April, 1870 edition of American Entomologist and Botanist, Henry W. Parker published a list of butterflies found in Iowa.  It included a list of butterflies previously reported by Mr. Samuel Scudder as having been found in Iowa, and thirteen species … Continue reading

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Another View of the Snake on a Buckeye

On August 14th I posted a couple of photos and mentioned how you can see a snake on the upper surface of a buckeye’s wings.  Monday I took a photograph that shows it better. Still can’t see it?  Sometimes it … Continue reading

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Can You See the Snake?

A few years ago I had a butterfly calendar.  I had it on the wall on the other side of my office.  Sometime after I had changed to the month that had a common buckeye on it, I happened to … Continue reading

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