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On a Misty Day

When I moved into my house a little more than a year ago, there were some flowers planted alongside it.  Bleeding hearts!  One of my favorites. They were getting ready to bloom this spring, then we got a late freeze … Continue reading

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Moss and Snow

The Ledges State Park, Boone, Ia.

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Learning New Things

Sunday I went to the winter meeting of the Iowa Prairie Network, and attended a workshop on milkweeds by Tom Rosburg and Deb Lewis.  There was a lot of good information about how milkweeds are pollinated.  I knew a little … Continue reading

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A Nice Summer Day

We had a really nice day today–warm but not too hot.  I took advantage and visited Big Creek Park near one of the backwater areas.  Swamp milkweed was in bloom and attracting lots of visitors. This unusual fly is common … Continue reading

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Little Riddles of Nature

I went to Medora Prairie today, with a plan to photograph butterflies and any other type of critter I might find.  I walked out onto the prairie and saw that the butterfly milkweed was in bloom all over.  An eastern … Continue reading

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Redbud Strangeness

Henry’s elfin is a small butterfly that I have searched for often.  In Iowa the only identified caterpillar host plant for this butterfly is redbud.  As a result, I have spent a lot of time looking for and at redbud … Continue reading

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A Bandage for my Bleeding Heart

I moved into my new apartment in the middle of winter.  I saw that there were flower beds, but I could not tell what was in them. Right outside my bedroom window, there is a bleeding heart plant. Just what … Continue reading

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Is Spring Finally Here?

I went to The Ledges today.  This is a really nice state park in Iowa, but like all of Iowa’s parks it is poorly maintained because of budget cuts.  But I was there to look for signs of spring. Snow … Continue reading

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Where have all the flowers gone?

So I took some photos of daffodils battered by the cold weather yesterday.  They were blooming, but drooping. Here they are today. I have nothing more to say.

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Spring Flowers

I recently moved and inherited some daffodils along with the move.  But the weather has been cold, rainy, and some sleet fell last night.  Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Still, they are flowers and I have to take … Continue reading

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