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Other Ant Species on the Nest of Formica exsectoides

 In the previous post I mentioned that the beetle Thecesternus affinis was not noticed by Formica exsectoides.  It was noticed by another species of ant that was on the mound, however. This is an odorous house ant, Tapinoma sessile.  I have seen this species … Continue reading


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A Different Beetle, A Different Story

This beetle just seemed to belong on the mound of the ants.  It moved very slowly, and the Formica exsectoides ants did not seem to even detect its presence.  I posted my photographs of this beetle to bugguide, and the beetle … Continue reading

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More on the Allegheny Mound Ant

The mound is made up of clumps of dirt and pieces of plants.  Occasionally the ants will move stuff around. The entrances to the nest change over time.   The most permanent entrances seem to be on the sides of the … Continue reading

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