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In Case You were Worried About the Ragweed

I posted a little story about some ragweed plants covered with aphids a few days ago.  The ragweed plant has since recovered with few signs that the aphids were there in the first place. If you look closely, the little … Continue reading

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Trying to Understand Aphids

I know a little about the life cycles of aphids.  I know enough to know I don’t know very much.  I was walking around with my camera today and I came upon about three plants of giant ragweed that were … Continue reading

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Aphid Outbreaks and Pesticide Applications

The soybean aphid outbreaks were memorable because it was hard to miss the presence of the aerial applicator airplanes.   Although Iowa is a heavy agricultural area with a long history of pesticide use, the added visibility of the aerial applicators … Continue reading


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Clean Beans and Aphids

Clean beans created the conditions that caused outbreaks of soybean aphids in the same way that pouring an accelerant (for example, gasoline) around the outside of a building would cause the conditions for a fire. The soybean aphid is Aphis … Continue reading

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What I Don’t Know about Aphids

The weather has turned cold, so now I have a little time to look at some of the images I have taken in the past. I had a couple of occasions where I took photographs of aphids this last year.  … Continue reading

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