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More Bug Watching

Thistles are spectacular for their ability to attract butterflies and other pollinators.  When the thistles are at their peak, they attract not only the largest, most beautiful butterflies, but also the smaller skippers and bees, wasps, and flies of all … Continue reading


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Reverse Zombies

Zombies in our movies and TV shows are unthinking creatures, predators on people.  They stumble around with no real focus and can suffer horrific damage.  If left to their own devices they will convert the whole world into more zombies. … Continue reading

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Trying to Understand Aphids

We have giant ragweed, Ambrosia trifida all over our place.  It’s a weed that grows where weeds grow.  A couple of smaller plants are growing along the driveway and they are covered with aphids. There is a lot of cool … Continue reading

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Popping out Babies

Aphids seem to give birth to babies tail end first.  And they don’t just pop out–they seem to dangle from the end of the mother for an extended time.  The legs don’t show up until very late in the process. … Continue reading

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More Aphids

I got this photo yesterday of the ragweed with aphids. It is no wonder that gardeners get upset when aphids infest their ornamental plants.  But don’t feel sorry for me.  I have plenty more ragweed. This plant was not infested … Continue reading

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Ants and Butterflies

I checked out the plant that had the aphids and ants on it again tonight.  It seemed to me that there were fewer ants and especially fewer aphids than yesterday.  Why?  Or was it just my imagination–I did not count … Continue reading

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Ants and Aphids

Yesterday I came across some ants tending aphids. I am pretty sure the ant is Formica exsectoides,  the Allegheny mound ant.  I don’t know the aphid–I am pretty sure microscopic examination would be required to identify it. There is a … Continue reading

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