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Chasing Butterflies

Lately I have filled some of my days with some butterfly chases. I get out the door fairly early (for a retiree) and drive to some natural area in search of butterflies. Last week I went to Marietta Sand Prairie … Continue reading

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I found a new butterfly…

I discovered a butterfly that was new to me a few days ago.  No, they are not out flying around.  But I was looking at photos I took this year and came across this one. I took this photo at … Continue reading

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Fourth of July Butterfly Irruption

We have had a strange combination of dry weather followed by very heavy rains here in Iowa.  We are also in the midst of an irruption (an extreme increase in the population size) of painted lady butterflies.  After the rains, … Continue reading

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Indian Hemp

Indian hemp, Apocynum cannabinum, grows wild in our ditches.  It has a seed pod that is long and skinny and opens to release seeds that blow away with the wind. It looks kind of milkweedy–in fact it is closely related … Continue reading

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Finding Rare Butterflies

Right now in Iowa we have an opportunity to find some of the rare butterflies if we know where to look.  I will show you one way. This is a common milkweed plant.  Milkweeds are highly attractive to butterflies of … Continue reading

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More on Butterflies

It seems to me that we separate ourselves from nature.  We live in climate-controlled houses that protect us from heat, cold, rain, and wind.  The air in our houses is conditioned and filtered, which keeps out bugs. Those of us … Continue reading

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