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Bird Feeder Action

Yesterday was cold.  So is today.  We have a bird feeder near one of the windows, and the birds were visiting it a lot. They would often fly up to the feeder, then flutter around looking for just the right … Continue reading

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Wandering around

I went to the south part of our field today and checked in a cedar tree for juniper hairstreaks.  I didn’t see any, but I did apparently irritate a robin.  I think it was protecting a nest, but I didn’t … Continue reading

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Front Porch Thoughts

When life gets me down, I like to go to my front porch and renew my soul. Some days stuff just gets you down.  I have a terrible summer cold–my sinuses are dripping and my throat is sore.   I … Continue reading

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Back On Line

We had a huge winter storm come through on Wednesday and we were without electricity until today–probably about 36 hours altogether. I have been busy on other things as well, and have not been posting here too regularly.  I will have … Continue reading

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Angry at Me

I admit I can really tick some folks off at times.  I do things they don’t want me to do, or go where I am not wanted.   This guy is really mad.  I have wandered into his territory and … Continue reading

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Out the Window

I am taking three days off from work this week.  My wife took a ski vacation, the kids are in school, and I thought I would work on a project. The project is to write concisely and succinctly why I consider … Continue reading

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