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Butterflies after Rain

We have been having some very dry weather lately, and today we had a small amount of rain.  Not nearly what the crops need, but the rain did bring the butterflies out in higher numbers than I have been seeing … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Butterflies

Sunday was a great day for butterflies. Giant swallowtails are not common here, but they are large so I see them often enough.  I have tried to get a good photo of one around our house for years, and I … Continue reading

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Why I Like Thistles

While I wondered around today I noticed that we have a greatly reduced number of thistles this year, as compared to recent years.  Many people spend lots of time and money trying to control the common field thistle, Cirsium discolor, but … Continue reading

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Black Swallowtail on Ironweed

Black swallowtails have been fairly common this year–more so than in recent years.  The magnificent purple flower called ironweed has been more common than usual as well.  They make a pretty good combination. Presumably he was too big for the … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Chase

On Monday there was a very short window of time when the butterflies were out.  I saw a single black swallowtail drinking nectar from the Dame’s rocket flowers.  While I was trying to photograph it another joined in and chased … Continue reading

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A Black Swallowtail

I wandered through our field the other day, taking a butterfly survey.  One thing I noticed was that there were areas with lots of butterflies and areas with few.  Water in the environment seemed to make a pretty big difference–where … Continue reading

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